Volunteering with Seattle CoderDojo

Our volunteer process is pretty simple: Come down and help… After you take an online class in child protection. It’s offered on myscouting.org for free and you don’t have to be a member of the Boy Scouts of America, but you’ll need an account on the site.

Your First Time: You’ll come down, get introduced to some of the other volunteers, get a tour of the set-up, and then be free to shadow other volunteers in the various rooms as you see how they work. Maybe you’ll even jump in a little. If you like what you see, then you can do some prep for the room where you want to help and come back.

CoderDojo is a true meritocracy and your position within it will depend on how much time and energy you can dedicate. If you have an idea, more often than not, you’ll pitch it and we’ll say “okay, go for it,” but then it will be up to you to deliver.

Meetings: Basically, our volunteers meet informally before and after Dojo. Getting everyone together mid-week is like herding cats. Come early, stay late, chat.

What we need:

  • We can always use more coders & teachers. Check out the Tech We Teach page for more information about what’s being taught here. If your favorite tech isn’t on it, you can always volunteer to teach it.
  • IT/Hardware People: Every week we make about 15-20 loaner laptops available to kids who can’t bring their own. We love people who can help maintain those and help run the check-out/in program.
  • Managers/Executives: Yes, our organization is very ad hoc and loose. Could always use some take-charge people who can help us run tighter and stronger.
  • Sales/Fundraising: We run light and lean. Week to week, we don’t need much. But we’d love to have more on hand and more help funding special events like a Robots hacking day.

Think you can help in another way? Have questions? Contact us.