Seattle CoderDojo News – Jan 9

January 21st Tickets Now Available

Seattle CoderDojo tickets for January 21st are now available.

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The Scratch and Beginners rooms for the January 14th Seattle CoderDojo meetup are sold out, but there’s still some space in the free-form Hackers Room and just a handful of seats left for the 5-week Intro to Linux workshop.

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Sticker Saturday

As this goes winging its way to your inbox, Greg’s mid-flight between Dallas and Cleveland. He’s going to the CodeMash conference to tell original fairy tales about programming to a room full of developers.

As our older hands know, Greg tries to bring back a wide variety of cool tech stickers when he goes to speak or teach at conferences. Some conferences are richer sticker sources than others, so we can’t guarantee how many he’ll bring back. But unless American Airlines severely delays his return flight (or messes it up altogether), watch for stickers in the kitchen area on the 14th.

“How My 10-Year-Old Learned JavaScript”

There was a great blog post making the rounds of tech newsletters this week called “How My 10-Year-Old Learned JavaScript.” It’s not by one of our members, but definitely worth a read.

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When we have breaking news, find out about cool opportunities (like a free class elsewhere), find really good free online learning tools, or a REALLY great deal on learning materials (like 15 books for $15 through Humble Bundle), we’ll share it there.

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