Seattle CoderDojo News – Jan 24

February 4th Tickets

February 4th tickets are available now. We’ll have a special program called “Programmer Bedtime Stories” where original fairy tales that illustrate technical concepts will be read, combined with looking at code samples that demonstrate the concepts. These stories were written for live readings in front of professional developers, so this is a beta test of how kids will respond and how they can be fine-tuned for younger audiences. It should be entertaining for the kids.

Get your Feb 4th tickets now.

Your Jan 21 Tickets Became Jan 28 Tickets

We thought 30,000 people were headed downtown on Jan 21, and that would make traffic so bad that getting to and from Dojo would be more trouble than it was worth. Estimates now range above 100,000 and as high as 175,000.

We simply changed the date of the event in Eventbrite so no one would lose their tickets and all the January 21 tickets were converted to the 28th automagically. There are a few tickets left for the Hacker Room last we looked, but Beginners and Scratch were full.

If your child attended the Intro to Linux workshop, the ticket order that contained their ticket is good through the February 11th Dojo.