Hour of Code Live – 2017 BYKTWD

Thanks for attending our Hour of Code at Amazon.

Code.Org seems to get more tutorials every year, offering a bigger and bigger selection. We’ve tried to pick a few that we thought would be fun for kids of different ages and skill levels.

When you go home, if you want to find this again, remember that you’ll find it in the “Tech We Teach” Section along with lots of other great recommendations of tutorials and projects we’ve made or found around the web.

New Readers/ New Coders

These are easy for our youngest visitors to understand and get working with. They teach basic programming ideas with fun animated characters and a minimum of reading.

Peep: Dance with Friends
Join friends from PBS’ “Peep and the Big Wide World” in this fun dancing and coding game. Go Now >>

Candy Quest
Create code that helps collect candy in this fun game. Go Now >>

Older Beginners (7-12)

Join characters from Disney’s Moana and the ever popular Minecraft.

Moana: Wayfinder
Help Moana by solving a series of problems that will teach you new coding skills. Go Now >>

Try one or both. Designer is new for 2016. Add some AI to move a motionless world. Adventurer is from 2015. Solve coding puzzles in a Minecraft environment. Go Now >>

Older Intermediate (10-18)

Robots & Java
Learn about object oriented programming with Java while creating a maze and teaching a robot how to navigate it. Go Now >>

Older Advanced (12-18)

Coders Strike Back
Code progressive levels of AI into racing bots using your choice of programming languages. Go Now >>