Learn JavaScript in Minecraft

Tickets are available for our “Learn JavaScript in Minecraft” workshop, running 5 Saturdays from March 4 to April 1.

What It Is

This is an introduction to programming for beginners. Kids will go from learning about simple variables and operations, to using functions, to writing functions and loops, to a simple understanding of objects. The bonus is that it all happens within the Minecraft game, so the code they write will quickly start changing the game and they’ll get quick positive feedback.

It’s also a 5-week ticket. All the tickets on your order (student, parent, and even student tickets for other rooms) will be good for all sessions from March 4 to April 1

What Is Required

You’ll need a laptop of your own (Windows, Mac, or Linux), a licensed copy of the PC/Mac version of Minecraft from Minecraft.net, and the child will need basic typing skills (10-15 words per minute) should be good.

What It Isn’t

We’re not teaching them how to play Minecraft or how to write mods in Java.

What If They Want To Do More

We use the ScriptCraft.js plugin. There are lots of tutorials for it , a book by its creator and Greg will be in the hacker room next session to work with the kids who want to keep learning.

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