Getting Started

Step 1: Get a ticket!

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Upcoming events are listed on our Upcoming Events page.

If you’re a Parent: reserve tickets for yourself and for your child(ren). Please note we have a no-drop-offs policy. You must attend with your child and remain on premises. We are not insured or licensed as a daycare.

If you’re a Volunteer: get one Volunteer ticket for yourself and make sure you read the Volunteers page.

Step 2: Show Up!

If you’re a Parent: Bring your child and a laptop for them to work on. If they don’t have a laptop, we usually have about a dozen loaners at each location that are first-come, first served. DO NOT WORRY WHETHER THEY’RE BRAND NEW OR WHIZ-KIDS. ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME. START ANYTIME.

If you’re a Volunteer: We are now requiring all volunteers to take a 30-minute online child safety class from the Boy Scouts of America. It’s free, you don’t have to join the BSA. Just go to, get an account, and take the 30 minute child safety training. At the end you’ll get a PDF with your certificate of completion.