Game Art Session 1 Cheat Sheet & Homework

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The video game we’re making art for will have you controlling a dog trying to catch treats being tossed to it and avoid yucky things being tossed to it. In this session, we’re making treats.

To make it possible for those who attended to refresh on everything we learned and to make it possible for those who missed this session to catch up, we have VIDEOS. So here are some notes, the videos, and your assignment for session 2 on June 25th.

We’re using Inkscape for the class. It’s an open source drawing tool that’s comparable to Adobe Illustrator and is FREE. There are versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download it. Install it. Run it. Got it running?

1: Introduction to Inkscape

This will go through some basic tools.

1.5: Adjusting Fills and Strokes

Fills are the colors inside shapes. Strokes are the line around a shape.

After I ran through the intro with the volunteers, they had some questions I decided to answer in a video. Since “Video 2” was already done, this is number 1.5.

2: First Treat: A Bone

This is the simplest. We draw one circle, one rectangle, and then by duplicating and combining, we’ve got a bone.

3: Second Treat: A Ball

Instead of combining shapes into one, we’ll learn how to subtract them from each other and about grouping.

4: Third Treat: BACON

This one gets into lines and curves, which are some of the most powerful features in a drawing program like Inkscape. But we’ll keep it simple and fun to make a bacon strip.

The Dreaded HOMEWORK

Since we won’t see each other for 2 whole weeks, we need to keep you drawing. So you need to draw three more pieces of art.

Draw one more treat… you might draw a steak or a hotdog for example. Use your creativity. What does your dog or a dog you know like?

Then draw two things the dog wouldn’t want to catch because they’re yucky. We don’t want to throw things at the dog that would hurt it, so no missiles, volcanoes, or houses. Think of things like broccoli, a lemon, maybe a chili pepper. What’s something that wouldn’t hurt the dog, but would be yucky to eat.

So we’ll see you back on June 25th with your three original pieces of art that you made. If your mom or dad wants to share something really cool you made so we can look at it at the beginning of class, have them send the .svg file to Greg at