We Teach Kids to Code… For Free

Get Tickets For Our Next Event

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Does your child want to learn to make the next Flappy Bird, the next MineCraft, or maybe even the next Facebook?

Seattle CoderDojo is a free computer programming club for children 8-18. We are supported by sponsors and run by volunteers.


Here is your CoderDojo Quickstart:

Go to the Upcoming Events page and find an event you want to attend.

Register for tickets for you and your child (you must attend with your child).

Come to the event. Bring a laptop for your child if you have one. If you don’t, we do have a limited supply of loaners.

One thing…

Learning to program a computer is like learning to play the piano. Anyone can learn and anyone can benefit from learning. But to become good at it takes practice, study, and sometimes having the determination to conquer a frustrating lesson. If you plan to bring your child on Sundays, please try to make an hour or more during the week for them to practice with and explore what they learn with us. The more they do outside of CoderDojo, the more they’ll get out of being at CoderDojo.