Seattle CoderDojo News – January 2

Tickets Now Available

Get your tickets for our January 14th meetup. We’ll have the regular Beginner and Scratch rooms, sign-ups for the 5-week Introduction to Linux workshop, and See below for what we’re doing to make the Developer Room become the Hacker Room.


Intro to Linux Workshop

Did you know Mentor Hawey (our friendly bearded guy in the rec room who keeps our loaner laptops running) is an IT Professional who really knows his way around an operating system? In this 5-week workshop, the kids will learn how to set up, care for, and teach some tricks to the Linux operating system, which is on every developer desktop at Amazon.

Ticket orders that include a student ticket for this workshop will be good for the whole 5-week session, Jan 14 – Feb 11.

What is the Hacker Room?

We’ve changed the name of the “Developer Room” to the “Hacker Room” because it sounds cooler.

We’re also doing it because hacking isn’t just breaking into stuff. There are life hacks, hardware hacks, articles on how to “hack your breakfast,” hackathons… Hacking is applying curiosity, creativity, and ingenuity to solve problems and/or make cool stuff. This has long been our “anything goes” room, and we’re going to expand the bounds of “anything” in 2017.

This week we’ll be breaking out 4 brand new Kano Kit Raspberry Pi computer building kits. The kids who would like to hack on getting them up and running can work in groups.